Tender Coconut Delight

Tender Coconut Delight  is a awesome  and yummy vegetarian dessert prepared using tender coconut water and tender coconut flesh with traditional technique and natural ingredients. The complexity is derived  from the flavor of fresh tender coconut. This Delicate sweet dish is creamy , that melts in your mouth and tastes amazing.

Tender Coconut Delight  is very easy and simple to prepare with very easily available ingredients . This Dessert is very popular in Kerala due to growth of abundance of coconuts.  It is very good for the growing children as it is filled with healthy fats which are very important for the over all development of the children.

I hope you all will like today’s dessert recipe. Please try out this yummy Kerala special recipe and let me know your thoughts about this dish. Any of you have any doubts , please do not hesitate to post your query in the comments.

Preparation time  – 10 minutes

Cooking  time  and setting time – 25 minutes

Total time  –   35 minutes

Serves  –  16 to 18 shorts

Ingredients  :-

  • 375 ml  tender coconut water ( 1  1/2  cup )
  • 5 gms  china grass
  • 6 tbsp brown sugar
  • 1 1/2  tbsp  sugar (1+1/2 )
  • 1/2  cup condensed milk
  • 1 cup thick coconut milk
  • 1 cup fresh cream
  • 2 tsp tender coconut flesh finely chopped
  • 2 to 3 drops  coconut essence  (opt )
  • 2 tbsp  desiccated  copra
  • Cherry  finely chopped

Method :-

Soak the china grass in  half cup of tender coconut water for  15 minutes.

Crush coconut flesh to fine paste adding one tbsp of water.

Combine coconut milk , condensed milk  and fresh cream nicely and keep in the fridge for one hour.

In the mean time , heat the remaining coconut water in a vessel and then add in soaked china grass  to the boiling water.

Stir in constantly till grass nicely gets dissolved and then add in brown sugar and heat nicely.

When the sugar gets completely dissolved , strain the liquid through a strainer to take out left over residues.

Then pour the liquid on a plate or tray to set ,sprinkle chopped tender coconut pieces on the liquid.

Allow to cool down and set in the fridge for 15 minutes to set or else set in the room temperature  for 30 minutes until it becomes thick.

After 30 minutes check the pudding and cut into very fine pieces and keep.

Take out the milk mixture from the fridge and add in coconut essence and give a nice mix.

Add in pudding pieces  to the thick creamy paste and mix nicely.

Dry roast the desiccated copra on low flame till light brown and switch off the stove  and add in sugar and give a nice mix and keep aside.

Fill the dessert in short glasses or in cups  and garnish with copra ,pudding pieces and cherry pieces.

Chill in the fridge foe three to four hours and serve the rich Tender Coconut Delight.

Tips  :-

  • Always cut china grass into small pieces before soaking it in order to save time in the process.
  • You may buy the coconut milk or make it yourself as per your convenience , but the milk should be thick.
  • Measurements of all ingredients should be precise for the best or perfect results.
  • Purchase the tender coconut with thin flesh for good results.
  • 1 cup equals 250 ml.

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