Daliya Moong Dal Payasam

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Welcome back to my Food blog after a long period. Today, I am sharing a classic and healthy South Indian Sweet Dish recipe with a twist. This Sweet dish , dessert or payasam is creamy and absolutely delicious with added flavor of daliya. It is tasty ,simple and a fat free dish. It can be prepared within twenty minutes.

Daliya Moong Dal Payasam can be served when hot, the same may be served cool after keeping the fridge. This sweet dish can be prepared with out using milk  to make it vegan recipe  by including coconut milk. It is healthier as we have used rock sugar to give the sweetness. This payasam  gives instant energy and  protein to our body.  Do try this sweet dish recipe  and enjoy the taste of the Payasam with  a added flavor.

Preparation time – 10 minutes

Cooking time  – 10 minutes

Total time  – 20 minutes

Makes – 4 to 5 small servings

Daliya Moong Dal Payasam topped with fried nuts.
Daliya Moong Dal Payasam

Ingredients :-

  • 3/4  cup  fine Daliya  ( fine broken wheat )
  • 1 cup moong dal  ( split  green gram dal )
  • 4 to 5 cups milk
  • 1 1/2  cup rock sugar powder
  • 1 tbsp  cashew nuts finely chopped
  • 1/4  tsp cardamom powder
  • 1/4  tsp ghee
  • Water

Method :-

Dry roast the split green gram dal  and daliya separately on low flame until you notice slight change in the colour or until  you get a nice aroma.

Switch off the stove and transfer them on a plate and allow to cool down completely.

In the mean time place the cooker on the stove top and add in 5 cups of water and boil nicely.

When the water starts to boil add in few drops of ghee and roasted daliya and moong dal and give a nice mix.

Close  the lid of the cooker and cook for two to three whistles.

Allow the cooker to release the pressure completely.

Transfer the dal and daliya to the vessel and mash nicely with masher and then add in four to five cups of milk and boil nicely.

Then add in rock sugar powder and boil nicely till sugar nicely melts.

In the mean time fry or roast the nuts in the ghee and transfer to boiling payasam.

Heat the payasam for three to four boils , lastly add in cardamom powder and give a nice mix once and switch off the stove.

Transfer the payasam to cups and garnish with fried nuts.

Serve the  tasty and yummy Daliya Moong Dal Pa yasam

Daliya Moong Dal Payasam topped with fried nuts.
Daliya Moong Dal Payasam

Tips :-

  • Can replace the  milk with  coconut mill to prepare   vegan recipe.
  • Can replace  rock sugar with  jaggery powder.
  • May include 2 to 3  tsp of milk powder t0 make the payasam  more richer
  • If the daliya is bigger in size  then crush them into a  fine sooji  in mixer on  pulse mode.
  • 1 cup equals  50 ml.

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