Chocolate Sev Puri

Chocolate Sev Puri is an amazing and most delicious kids approved  tempting recipe. Chocolate Sev Puri  is an extremely unique dish. A fusion of two  opposite ends , this  Chocolate Sev Puri  literally combines your snack or starter and dessert into one innovative , off beat yet delicious. Chocolate Sev Puri is an yummy dessert for kids and chocolate lovers .  The papadi coated with melted chocolate and topped with creamy fruit filling and lots of colourful chocolate vermicelli .

That feeling when a Chocolate Sev Puri breaks  into your mouth and creates a riot of flavors , words can’ t do justice to it. Its just too perfect , we would love to consume again and again . It is fun to make this Chocolate Sev Puri and eat too !Try this Fruity Chocolate Sev Puri today to enjoy a blissful treat.

Preparation time  –  35 minutes

Assembling time  –  5 minutes

Total time  –  40 minutes

Makes  – 5 servings

Ingredients  ;-

Ingredients required
  • 40 nos  papadi or sev puri
  • 2 cups dark chocolate fine chopped or grated
  • 250 ml  full fat milk ( 1 1/4  cup )
  • 1/2  cup   colour ful  chocolate vermicelli
  • 1 1/2  tbsp cornflour
  • 1/4  tsp vanilla essence
  • 1/4  cup almonds and cashewnuts chopped
  • 2 tbsp tutti fruit
  • 2 tbsp cherry fine chopped
  • 1/2  cup ripen banana fine chopped
  • 1/4  cup apple fine chopped
  • 1/4  cup pineapple chopped
  • 3 to 4 tbsp sugar
Ingredients required

Method :-

Melt the dark compound chocolate in micro oven for one to one and half minutes until chocolate melts with a interval of 30 seconds each time.

Or else you can melt the chocolate on double boiler by stirring the chocolate constantly on low flame until chocolate melts.

Place a aluminium foil on a plate or else take a silicon sheet or place a butter paper on a plate and keep it ready.


Now dip the papadi in the melted chocolate one by one and arrange on silicon sheet.

Then keep this plate in the fridge for ten minutes to set the chocolate coated papadi .

Papadi coated with chocolate
Papadi coated with chocolate

In the mean time lets prepare creamy fruit topping for the Chocolate Sev Puri.

First separate quarter cup of milk from 250 ml and put in cup , add corn flour to that milk and keep aside after mixing nicely.

Heat the remaining milk in a thick bottom vessel and allow to boil.

When the milk starts to boil , add in sugar and stir till sugar melts nicely.

Then add in corn flour slurry by simultaneously mixing into the boiling milk .

Heat the mixture by constantly mixing on medium flame until milk becomes slightly thick and coats the backside of the spatula slightly.

Immediately transfer the milk to another vessel to stop the cooking process, mix nicely and rest it until it comes room temperature.

Then  rest the thicken milk in the fridge for 15 minutes  and then take out and blend once using a blender once or mix nicely with out any lumps and keep aside.

Now mix chopped fruits , nuts, tutti fruiti and cherry  in a bowl.

Then pour the creamy thicken milk on the fruits , only as much necessary to coat the fruits nicely.

Creamy fruit salad
Creamy fruit salad

Arrange the chocolate coated papadi on the serving plate and top it with creamy fruit salad.

Sprinkle lots of colourful chocolate vermicelli as per your taste and garnish with a cherry piece.

Serve this yummy and mouth watering Chocolate Sev Puri  immediately.

Chocolate Sev Puri

Tips :-

  • You may coat the papadi with chocolate one day earlier before preparing and store it in a air tight box.
  • Do not over melt the chocolate and do not use any wet vessels or spatula while melting the chocolate.
  • Milk should be thicken properly , otherwise it will flow out from papadi and mix fruits and thicken creamy milk only at the time of assembling the dessert.
  • You may prepare the topping only using dry fruits instead of fruits  if you wish.
  • You may store the chocolate coated papadi in air tight box for two to three days.
  • Can  coat the papadi with melted chocolate one side also,if you don’t like so much chocolate.

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