Averabele Mysore Churmuri

Averabele Mysore Churmuri  is  a popular  street  chaat  that can commonly seen on the roads of Mysore district in Karnataka. This Averabele Mysore Churmuri  is a type of Bhel puri  Prepared using a special type of puri or puffed rice available in Mysore  in olden days. I have added fried Averabele or cow beans or hyacinth beans or surthi papdi to this Churmuri  and has given a twist to the churmuri  with another variation. This  Mysore Churmuri is said to be the best weight  loss low calorie Indian  evening snack or chaat recipe.

Averabele Mysore Churmuri is easily prepared  using Vitamin B  rich and low calorie mysore puri  or puffed rice  and Protein rich Fried Averabele  blended with few vegetables along with rasam powder , which gives  a unique  taste to this  Churmuri..Different types of puffed rice or puri is manufactured using Different types of rice and each Puffed rice tastes different in taste. This  Averabele Mysore Churmuri  is very different in taste and has a classic south Indian touch . so one must definitely try this spicy Averabele Mysore Churmuri  and enjoy the taste of this Mysore puffef rice or puri  during this winter without fail.

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Preoaration time  –  10 minutes

Mixing time –  5 minutes

Total time  15 minutes

Makes   – 2 servings


  • 3 cups  mysore puri  or puffed rice  (salem puri )
  • 1 /4 to 1/2  cup Fried Averabele
  • 1 medium size carrot grated
  • 1 tomato  desseded and copped finely
  • 1 medium size onion  finely chopped
  • 1 tbsp coriander  leaves finely chopped
  • 2 to 3 tsp green chilly or as par taste finely chopped
  • 1/2  tsp rasam powder
  • 1/2  tsp chat masala powder
  • 1/4 tsp turmeric powder
  • 1/2  to 1 tsp  lemon juice
  • Salt to taste
  • 1/4  cup om pudi or sev
  • 1/4  cup small  masala boondi
  • 1 tbsp refined oil 
mysore  puri and  fried Averabele i are the main ingredients used in preparein  Averabele  mysore. Churmuri
Mysore puri and fried Averabele


Clean the puffed rice properly and  keep aside.

Remove the peel of the hyacinth beans or Averekaye and soak the the seeds in water for eight  to nine hours.

Then strain out the water and take out the peel of averekaye by pressing each seed keeping in between two  fingers.

Generally one cup averekayr soaked reduces to half cup after the outer covering is removed.

Then wipe out the water on the averekaye using a cloth by spreading on the cloth.

Then deep fry in the oil till crisp and keep aside to use in the Churmuri.

Take out the Averekaye when it is slightly soft because it becomes crispy after it cools down.

Mix Mysore puri , oil , turmeric powder , rasam powder and chat masala  powder nicely.

Combine  grated carrot , onion , tomato , coriander leaves and green chilly  together.

Mix the masla mix and dry mix now in awide container nicely.

Add in fried Averekaye  , om pudi and masala boondi and give anice mix addin g salt and lemon juice lastly  and serve immediately.

Tips :-

  • Masala can be prepared in  bulk and used as and when required by adding all dry ingredients.
  • You may use the fried Averekaye in other chaats also.
  • You may add red chilly powder and salt to the fried averekaye and can consume ., it tastes very good.

Health Meter:-

Mysore Puri

  • Contains  high amount of carbohydrates that  can improve your  energy instantly.
  • Contains dietary fiber so helps in digestion and supports weight loss.
  • Rich source of vitamin D , calcium , iron and fiber.
  • Maintains blood pressure levels in the body.
  • Abundance of Vitamin B and minerals increases the disease prevention.
  • Very low in calorie so helps to reduce weight.
  • It contains neuropterans smitten nutrients , that helps to improve brain developments  for children.

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